Below you can find all the services we provide you as a client.

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Mental Health Evaluation

All new clients to PSIMED Morgantown are required to complete an evaluation with either a psychiatrist or therapist to assess their individual mental health needs. This evaluation involved patient reporting his or her current issues and concerns, as well as answering specific questions about past treatment, health issues, and stressors in one's life. Based upon the information gathered, we formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan, which may include medication management and therapy services. Our diagnoses are based upon DSM-IV-TR criteria, the current standard for diagnosing psychiatric conditions. Your diagnosis and treatment plan is kept confidential; However, you can sign a relase of information to have this information sent to anyone you choose, such as your PCP.


Sometimes it is important for us to communicate with other providers, such as your PCP, a specialist physician, or your therapist, to ensure everyone is on the same page to provide you with the best service possible. However, it is your right to elect to not allow us too communicate with anyone else.


Individual, Couple & Family Therapy


Our therapists work to provide therapy interventions that are evidenced-based practices, meaning that they have been researched and found to be effective for your diagnosis.


Vivitrol Evaluations and Injections

Vivitrol is a 28-day extended release injection that is FDA-approved for alcohol and opiate dependence. Clients must complete an evaluation with our psychiatrist in order to determine whether they meet criteria for Vivitrol. If evaluation shows that a client is appropriate for this drug therapy, he/she will receive their injection every 28 days here in our office. Vivitrol clients are also required to receive counseling while taking the injections, either here in our office or with an outside provider. Visit www.vivitrol.com for more information.


Medication Management

Medication management: If your evaluation suggests that medication may improve your functioning, we will follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure the medication is effective, while causing minimal to no side effects.


We follow best practice standards, meaning the medications we use have been well-studied and shown to be effective and considered the standard of care. Sometimes we use medicatiosn for "off-label," or non-FDA approved reasons. If we do, we will discuss with you that it is not FDA-approved and why we are using it.


We will go over all major and common side effects prior to starting you on medication, and we welcome and encourage all questions and concerns regarding your medication options.


We will monitor your symptoms to ensure you are noticing benefits from your medications. We will also monitor you for side effects, which may include checking your blood pressure and weight, or possibly bloodword, depending on the medication. We do not have a lab onsite, but will provide you with an order slip so you can get your bloodwork done anywhere that is convenient for you.


We take all of your other medications into consideration to ensure ther are no major interactions with the medications we prescribe and your current medications.